«Если Вам необходимо проникнуть в тайны микромира, спозиционировав рабочий инструмент с точностью до нанометров, или навести лазерный луч с расстояния одного километра с точность до 1 мм, Ваша разработка окажется неоправданно дорогой, если не воспользоваться пьезоэлектрическим двигателем» - from the book by Sergii Petrenko “Пьезоэлектрический двигатель в приборостроении” (“Piezoelectric motors in instrument making”)

Experience in piezoelectric motors has shown that even many specialists are not familiar with this area, not taking into account other categories of consumers. Therefore, the main task of this site is the popularization and further promotion of the piezoelectric motors.

The History (2001 — Present)

The Small Scientific Production Enterprise LILEYA Ltd was founded in 2001 by the team of specialists of Arsenal corporation, Kiev, UA. The main direction of activity of LILEYA is the research, development and manufacturing of high technological devices based on the piezoelectric motor technologies. The leading staff of LILEYA are the experts in the field of piezophysics, mechanics, optics, electronics. They work actively on the creation of piezoelectric motors and precision mechanical systems. LILEYA has designed piezoelectric motors and systems for BIO, MEDICAL and INDUSTRIAL applications.

Since its founding, the company has been headed by the Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Sergii Petrenko, author of more than 150 scientific papers and inventions.


Director, Dr.Sc. Sergii Petrenko Mob.:+38(067) 918-32-68; E-mail:
Engineering Chief, PhD Anatolii Omelian Mob.:+38(066)300-62-67;