15.12.2006   The main Lileya’s news of the year 2006

We are proud to inform that Lileya enterprise has won in All Ukrainian innovation technology awards in nomination "Nanotechnologies, Microelectronics, Information Technologies, Telecommunications".

In details

The ultrasonic piezoelectric nanomotor is a new type of micromachines, that can be used in various applications in science and industry. In comparison with widely used traditional electromotors, the piezoelectric motor has low speed, high torque, high angular resolution.

The piezoelectric motor is intended to use for either continuous or step by step motion and accurate angular positioning. When the piezoelectric motor is deenergized, it operates as the position holder. Such piezoelectric motor supplied with a special control system can smoothly change an angular step from 1 arc sec. to continuous movement. It has a highly specific momentum from 0,1 to 100 N*m, wide range of velocity variation (6 orders), store position of a shaft in a switched-off mode, high dynamic (start-stop) characteristics.

All of this allows us to design the micromanipulators, translation stages, microrobots, nanorobots with unique scientific and technical capabilities, and which will cost much less than similar conventional products.