Piezoelectric motors and drivers
  • Computerized piezoelectric motor PM-20RS-M
  • New Piezoelectric Motor PM-22RS
  • Piezoelectric motor PM-28
  • Piezoelectric motor PM-28-2
  • Piezoelectric motor PM-28R
  • New piezoelectric motor UPM-22
  • Driver "RM"
  • Driver "UPM-20-2"
Piezo-motorized nano-translation stages
  • Piezo-motorized nano-translation stages Sb-01
  • Computerized nano-translation stages Sb-01-H
Micromanipulators and microrobots
  • Piezo-motorized nanomanipulator, the NM3D
  • Computerized micromanipulator for cell technologies PSF-3 IVF
  • Computerized micromanipulator for cell technologies PSF-4 IVF.
  • Microrobot for tissue culture monitoring PSF-5
  • The first in the world 3-arms microrobotic piezoelectric system PRS-3 for different applications
  • Peristaltic micropump PSF-100
  • System for rapid dispensing of pharmacological substances to cells and tissue culture PSF-300
  • Programmable rotation table with jumping module PSF-303
  • Piezo-motorized spherical (ball) valve PSF-400-25
  • System for cell nano-technologies PSF-500
  • Microsyringe MS-1