Piezoelectric motors and drivers

The piezoelectric motor consist of two piezoelectric elements 1, 2, one of which is established on the base plate 7 and another on the shaft 9 through the sound-proof rings 8, 10. The piezoelectric elements are carried out as the ring resonator with the radial form of fluctuations. The wave shells 3, 4 are installed on the external cylindrical surface of the piezoelectric element. Plates (pushers) 5 and 6 are installed on these shells 3, 4. The plates 5, 6 are installed with an angle to the internal surface of the rotor. The rotor can rotate around the shaft 9.

For example, if the piezoelectric element 1 is under excitation the radial fluctuations are transferred through the shell 3 on the plates 5 and further to the rotor rotating it. The excitation of the piezoelectric element 2 causes the reversal rotation.

Piezoelectric motor PM-20R

Computerized piezoelectric motor PM-20RS-H

Computerized piezoelectric motor PM-20RS-M

Piezoelectric motor PM-22R

New Piezoelectric Motor PM-22RS

Piezoelectric motor PM-28

Piezoelectric motor PM-28-2

Piezoelectric motor PM-28R

Piezoelectric motor PM-57

Piezoelectric motor UPM-20-2

New piezoelectric motor UPM-22

Piezoelectric motor PM-20RS

Driver "RM"

Driver "UPM-20-2"