Piezoelectric motor PM-22R

Application areas: robotics, precision instrument engineering. The high–torque, start-stop mode, low-velocity, precision, silent, ultrasonic reverse rotation piezoelectric motor PM-22R is intended for forming both continuous and step rotation mode as well as accurate angular positioning. When the piezoelectric motor is de-energized it works as a position holder. The motor is manufactured in a single aluminum cases and is connected with the driver through a special cable. The motor control is carried out by means of the “RM” driver.
Maximum Torque 5,0 kG*cm
Self-braking Torque 5,1 kG*cm
Maximum velocity 30 rev/min
Min.angular step 1 ang.sec
Response Time 50*10-6sec
Reaction Time from start to maximum velocity 3*10-4sec
Reversal Time 5*10-4sec
Dynamic Range 2 kHz
Life duration 1000 hours
Supply Voltage 12V
Operating current no more than 600mA
Weight 240 g
Dimensions ?50x58
Driver Weight 30 g