Piezoelectric motor UPM-20-2


Application areas: all areas of science and technology – as an ideal positioner with a unique resolution; oil and gas industry – spark and explosion safety make it an ideal power element of the shut-off equipment of oil- and gas pipelines; automotive industry – glass-frame riser, windscreen wiper, ascending and descending of seats; external advertisement – external advertisement stands with a dynamical renewed picture; trade and office equipment – automatic shutters, presentation facilities, rotation display stands, manufacturing of copiers, faxes, cash registers; medicine – laser therapy, surgical micromanipulators, peristaltic and syringe micropumps, micromanipulator for cell technologies, hospital equipment, prostheses; food industry – weight batch equipment, piezoelectric driven ball valves; banking equipment and security systems – safe, locks, automatic opening and closing of doors, teletracking systems.

The high–torque, start-stop mode, low-velocity, precision, silent, ultrasonic unidirectional rotation piezoelectric motor UPM-20-2 is intended for forming both continuous and step rotation mode as well as accurate angular positioning. When the piezoelectric motor is de-energized it works as a position holder. The in-built angle positioning system (using the magnet "marks" established by the customer himself) enables to realize the shaft fixation in chosen positions. The motor control is carried out by means of the driver on two lines of the XP1 joint (see driver to UPM-20). The step (continuous) mode is initiated by sending an impulse (continuous) signal from 15*10-6 sec duration and 1.5-12V amplitude range to contact 2 "Upr" of the XP1 joint. The mode of "positioning" on the nearest "mark" is performed by sending the "Positioning" signal in the form of the positive-going voltage pulse from "0" to 1.5-12V to the "Positioning" contact 1 of the XP1 joint. Notes. It is possible to tune the driver to the accelerated intermittent-short term mode (Max.Torque=1.0 N*m; Max.Velocity= 300 rev/min; Operating Current= 1000mA).The motor can be additionally fitted with a "Velocity" board performing the manual control of the step value within a wide range and the frequency of following these steps, the light indication of the movement character which is an integral part of the instrument system. The "Velocity" board is connected with the driver through XP1 joint. Production of the motor on the same board with the driver is possible.

Maximum Torque 3 kG*cm
Self-braking Torque 1 kG*cm
Maximum velocity > 40 rev/min
Min.angular step 1 ang.sec
Response Time 15*10-6sec
Reaction Time from start to maximum velocity 3*10-4sec
Dynamic Range 4 kHz
Life duration 1000 hours
Supply Voltage 12V
Operating current no more than 300mA
Weight 30 g
Driver Weight 15 g